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BMW 118i

BMW 118i

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BMW 118i Specifications

1 Series
Vehicle Year
Engine Size Description
Transmission Type Manual
Spec Des
118i 1.5 140bhp
Manufacture Version Code
F40 (5 Door)
Body Type/Style
Fuel Type Petrol
Mileage 15010 mi
Engine Size
Fuel Delivery 
Turbo Injection
Engine Size Litres

BMW 118i Overview:

You're looking at the all-new BMW 1 Series (F40), the third-generation to take this car into a new decade and beyond. At first sight you probably knew there was something a little different about this chap compared to the droves of BMWs you've seen on the roads.The 2020 1 Series establishes itself as a small-yet-roomy, comfortable and engaging entry-level BMW.

The new design is bigger than before, which brings with it practicality, while the front-wheel drive shift will make little-to-no difference for most drivers, who will appreciate the extra space anyway. There are other little quirks to the drive, too, such as the key fob, which offers keyless entry when within 2.5m of the vehicle.

1 Series is now front-wheel drive isn't going to make a jot of difference to most drivers. There are enough traction control systems on board to keep you in the straight and narrow, plus you're not buying a 1 Series to go careering around corners sideways.The drive has enough pull even from the entry-level 118i model, but this is no pepped-up sporty number. 

The BMW 1 Series turns every trip into a highlight thanks to its efficient engine and a set of dynamic drive train and chassis components. Of all the positives, it's actually the manual gearbox that we find to be a smidgen clunky in its delivery. It's firm and assertive as is the suspension which in Sport mode really feels those carpark speed bumps. Individual setup is also possible, selecting from Comfort and Eco options by the press of a button to the central tunnel. 

To Recap:

The 2020 1 Series establishes itself as a small-yet-roomy, comfortable and engaging entry-level BMW. The finish, comfort and style elevate this car beyond. 


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